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Welcome to
Tadcaster Cycling Club

A really friendly club welcoming new members. As a new club you are sure to find a group that suits your needs. Each ride indicates the expected pace and distance of the ride.

Who are we?

Tadcaster Cycling Club is a British Cycling affiliated club established in 2021, we are a friendly cycling club based in Tadcaster, run by the members for the benefit of the membership.  We aim to provide rides for all abilities, welcoming both new and experienced cyclists.

Tadcaster Cycling Clubs meeting point and HQ for all our rides is the Tadcaster Community Sports Trust located at Queens Gardens, Tadcaster, LS24 9HD.


Summer Groups and Speeds

With the start of the British Summer Time, we wanted to announce our new ride classification and schedule for the summer. First of all, ride classification. The following rides will be led from HQ throughout the summer.
· Class A – 24+ mph average (Tues eve Drop Rides/Chain Gang)
· Class B – 20 – 23 mph average (Tues eve Drop Rides/Chain Gang. Thurs eve & Sunday social longer rides)
· Class C – 17+ mph average (Tues eve No drop Rides. Thurs eve & Sunday social longer rides)
  Class D – Social/New to club riding (Tues eve No drop Rides only)
Using these classifications. The following regular ride schedule will happen. There will also be other member rides, bank holiday specials and monthly café rides. Watch this space for regular updates.

Hopefully something for everyone here. Spread the word. #AllOn.


How we ride.

We aim to provide rides for all abilities and experiences.  These rides maybe social or training sessions, no matter the ride type or distance we aim to ride in the following way.

 1. Neat & Tidy. Two abreast where possible unless it’s too narrow.
2. Respect the rules. Don’t jump a red or a junction.
3. No helmet, no ride. No exceptions.
4. As described. The pace is the pace, it might be a drop or it might be social. Read the posts and clarify.
5. Respect the town lines. The pace may sometimes  increase towards the Tadcaster signs but we don’t race within Tadcaster.
6. Be honest. Don’t do a fast drop ride and complain, don’t do a steady ride and smash it.
7. Too big is disorganised. No more than 15, if its more then we split it.
8. Talk, Talk, Talk. That’s how we keep each other safe and together.
9. Be prepared.  Bring your spares and food.
10. #AllOn. We are inclusive and friendly.  Run by the members for the members.


Riding in a group.

Riding in a group is one of the real joys of cycling. Although it may seem a bit daunting at first it is easy to get the hang of. If you let us know you’re not used to riding in a group before we set off and if you like we can give you a few pointers as we go.

It is also worth remembering that your average speed will likely increase with the same or less effort in a group with sitting behind other riders.


Membership runs from 1st January through to 31st December on an annual basis.  We currently offer a Full Membership at £15.00 per annum. We are fully affiliated with British Cycling with all the benefits. For any questions regarding membership please get in touch. See our Join Us page for more details.

Contact us.

For all enquiries either complete the form or email

For other news and information about the club please visit our facebook page and social media channels.  Our club HQ is the Tadcaster Community Sports Trust located at Queens Gardens, Tadcaster, LS24 9HD